In this book, Culture, Profit or Pain: The Secrets to Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture, you will discover how culture affects your business and determines your success or failure. Designed for anyone who cares about the success of a business, the secrets that are necessary for shaping your culture to lead to profit verses pain, are shared. The chapters cover vital information including:
1.The secrets for success
2.Planning for success and celebrating it
3.Four keys for avoiding failure
4.The Importance of paying attention
5.And much more…

Culture- Profit or Pain: The Secrets To Creating A Healthy Organizational Cultur



    "I’ve had the uncanny great luck and privilege to work with John on several projects and have always walked away with my brain more engaged. I can unequivocally say I am looking forward to this book release! As a thought leader and innovative person, Johns work is always outstanding. Add this book to your reading list!"

    R. Broadway

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