Our Clients, their testimonials and a video

John has spoken and been interviewed on international media in almost every continent around the world, this list represents just a sample of our clients.

What Are They Saying Out There?

John Edwards is a captivating speaker whose commanding stage presence
and inspiring vision makes him a standout in the leadership development
field.  ... I had the opportunity to observe first-hand, as John delivered dynamic development sessions designed to keep attendees active and engaged. John Edwards enlightens participants with a healthy dose of humor and expertise.  -B. Lanni, Event Planner
Thank you so much for presenting to the chapter last month.  Your speech held me in rapture.  It was such a gift to have you. -K. Snyder, NSA-DC President
John is the consummate professional and well respected. His commitment
to providing valuable training goes beyond expectations. His ability to
communicate effectively to all groups (executive, management and the
general workforce) is a definite strong point. He sets the bar for
others to follow. -C. Shanahan, Business Leader
John is one of those people who you meet, and you immediately feel comfortable with. He puts people at ease and fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. He is personable and confident. He has been called upon to speak with a large groups with no advanced warning (due to another speaker suddenly backing out), and has done so with a natural ease. -N. Park, Meeting Planner
John has reached incredible mastery in his ability to teach... he seamlessly was able to ensure that the audience absorbs and masters the material without even ealizing it. His style of teaching is deliberate and yet appears entertaining. He easily is able to take his audience from serious concentration, to humor, to collaboration, and finally to mastery of the material... you get tangible results within minutes and long lasting impact within hours. -F. Friedman, Sr. Engineer

Other recent audience comments

Student Leadership Develpopment Conference

Feedback from a client who used a different speaker the year after Johhn's first appearance at their conference.

You changed lives yesterday!”
"His knowledge base blew me away."
"Best class I have ever had! Great Humor.
"You are an exceptional speaker. Very entertaining and engaging."
“You are an unbelievable human being. All the way home, it was your impact that was reflected in our … conversations.

The Leadership Advancement Conference, NY

“The xxxxxxx presentation was informative, but I don't believe it held a candle to the John Edwards event last year
(amazing motivational
He was charismatic, funny and insightful 

Other comments from around the world

"You are amazing, dynamic, and extremly knowledgeable with an innate ability to leave your audience wanting more!"

"Such an impressive facilitator."

"Great job on the neuroscience presentation."

"John, You are the best!"

"Best voice... smart, creative, thoughtful and caring..."

"Your humor and crazy blend of confidence and humility make you one of a kind"

"I love listening to your stories."

"Great humor mixed with exceptional knowledge."

"You have an amazing presence and I learn a lot from you..."

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