John F. Edwards

"Helping People To Keep Their Perspective Positive."

John F. Edwards has over 30 years of international experience as a leader, speaker, coach, and consultant working with some of the largest companies in their respective fields.  John has provided guidance or training to teams, leaders and organizations seeking to achieve high impact goals during various economic and strategic challenges.
He facilitates and trains audiences from around the world on the principles necessary to motivate and facilitate long term success. He is often reviewed as the strongest and most impactful speaker at conferences.
John is a international motivational speaker, playwright, trainer, columnist and a former ranked internationally athlete.  He has been referred to in national media interviews as "the Executive Coach who coaches other coaches."

He has won numerous awards for his speaking and leadership capabilities.  In addition, John has:
  • Served as the Chairman of The Board for the US Department of Justice Anti-crime Weed & Seed Program in Syracuse
  • Served the State of New York for 16 years in a leadership role appointed by Governors from "both sides of the aisle"
  • Won the Presidential Award for Voluntering
  • Four time Captain of The Jamaican National Racquetball Team leading them to an unprecidented top 15 ranking in the world

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VIRAL Leadership- the amazing secrets to ensuring your future success- from our research, you will learn the secrets that are common to leaders and organizations who achieve long term success.

SNAP Into It- 4 Key Things that leads people and organizations to achieve Brilliance.
The Neuroscience on How to Build Powerfully Positive Professional Relationships (How You Move Up is Based on How You show Up)- How leaders are perceived has a profound impact on their long-term success. How they are perceived can either strengthen or weaken their ability to inspire and motivate.  We can show you how to improve your impact.

5 Secrets to Your Success- The presentation focuses on understanding the vital components necessary for personal success using illustrations backed by research. The presentation simplifies neuroscience by using humor and stories

Increase Your Impact Through Your Executive Presence- Using neuroscience, John has created a model that helps you to understand where and how you can increase your executive presence.  When we improve how we "show-up" consistently, we increase our capacity to influence, innovate and integrate.

Influencing Skills- We examine the basic organizing principles of the brain that impacts our ability to influence. Standing firm on the principles of ethical behavior, the course focuses on influencing skills in situations where we want to contribute to advancing the “group” to a higher degree of achievement. 

Did Anyone See The Bus That Hit Me?-  Understanding the skills you need today to thrive tomorrow. Knowing why successful people fail and learning how to avoid it.
Stay On Top Of The Wave Of Change- The secrets to success during times of change and ambiguity.
Samples of our more popular sessions and keynotes:
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Humor and inspiration...
John shares a personal a story of how each of us has the powerful ability to touch the lives of others.  Contact John to learn more about the entire message.     3:09
  1. International Expertise
    Over the last 20 years, John has delighted audiences internationally including Bolivia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Africa, Europe and more...
  2. Leadership Coach
    He is also an accomplished Executive, Career and Presentation Coach working with people who are striving to achieve a higher level of positive professional impact.
In addition, John is recognized for  the following accomplishments:
-Former Chairman of the US Department of Justice Weed & Seed Anti-crime initiative in Syracuse, NY.
-Four-time Captain of the Jamaica National Racquetball Team leading them from the bottom of the rankings to a top 15 ranked international team in only 8 years
-Medal winner in the 2000 World Championship Games in Mexico
-Volunteer supporting youth activities and character development
-Columnists,playwright and published author
 ... and John considers his most important role in life to be that of a father and husband.