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Get Rapid Results With Resources From The Edwards Group!

Accelerate Your Individual Success

40% of the Fortune 500 companies that exist today will not be here in 10 Years according to a study from Washington University.  Companies with skilled, effective leaders significantly outperform their peers.  Effective leaders need to have a growth mindset, self-awareness and agility to navigate changing times. Yet it is a well-known fact that most companies do not take an organized, systemic, and continuous approach to developing their current and future leaders. 

My executive coaching engagements are uniquely tailored to each individual and are designed to provide focus that can deepen an executive’s self-awareness and promote personal and professional growth.


LEADERSHIPopedia: Leadership Development

Is your organization concerned about attracting and retaining the right talent? Soon, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers, according to an article in Forbes.

Here we will provide resources that help develop your leadership competencies so that you can promote employee engagement, innovation and high performance.

Move your speaking skills to the next level

We get super-excited to see people substantially improve their impact on an audience! Imagine that you were able to captivate their brains, win their hearts and bless their souls.  Whether it is a live or virtual presentation to a group, simply getting more comfortable in front of an audience, or you desire to be paid as a professional speaker, we have the tools to help you "get there from here."  Contact us so that we can have an awesome conversation to share more.

We Provide you with the Products That Will Accelerate Your Success!

Jedwards179_breakthebad (2).jpg

This book provides practical tips based on research and proven practices that will help you to start developing more effective habits.

CultureV5 front jpeg.jpg

The Secrets to Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture, you will discover how culture affects your business and determines your success or failure.

SNAP 2nd edition 1MB.jpg

Take steps to reduce your negative thinking patterns. Move beyond the barriers that currently stop you from having an extraordinary life.

move.jpg e book front KDP.jpg

Do you ever have to speak in front of others?  You will learn a proven methodology that increases your chance of creating longer-lasting change. 



Check out resources that are designed to help you keep your perspective positive.  Personal and professional development materials are available.

about edwards group


John is an expert in change leadership, culture, and leadership development. He speaks to audiences from around the world on the principles necessary to motivate and facilitate long-term success. He is often rated as the strongest and most impactful speaker at conferences. His presentations include humor and are based on successful motivational and training techniques. His presentations also include research on human interaction, neuroscience, and social trends.

Most people are experiencing difficulty in the workplace due to roadblocks. We provide insights, research, tools, and tips that inspire and empower so that you get rapid results.


Whether it is team building, leadership development, customer relationships, or organizational culture change, John uses humor, neuroscience, and expert story-telling to provide inspiration and motivation.

The Edwards Group was started decades ago as a result of John's passion for people coupled with his deep expertise in Neuroscience, human development and adult learning.  John F. Edwards has over 25 years of international experience as a leader, speaker, coach, and consultant, working with some of the largest companies in their respective fields. John works with people to help them “Lean Forward” so that they avoid the failure of being left behind. John is a thought-leader who has provided guidance and training to teams, leaders, and organizations seeking to achieve high impact goals during various economic and strategic challenges.


Motivational Speaker Specializing in Leadership & Change.

Jamie Bierchen.jfif

Jamie B, Paradigm Learning Facilitator

"You are one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and entertaining people I have ever worked with." 


Molly B, Program Management Facilitator

"Your ability to connect with a large audience and bring insightful stories and science together is amazing!"

Liane Jordan.jfif

Liane J, International Business Development

"I have seen you speak a few times now and I wanted to express my gratitude for your passion for what you do, and how impactful you are when you speak."

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