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3 Reasons People Hire John:
"He was charismatic, funny and insightful"
     Leadership Advancement Conference, N.Y.
  1. He is authentic
  2. He is an expert storyteller with deep expertise
  3. He is captivating and funny
  4. Audiences feel great after his presentations
(we listed 4 here because John is bad at math)

“The xxxxxxx presentation was informative, but I don't believe it held a candle to the John Edwards event last year
(amazing motivational

One of our conference clients used a different presenter this year which we also thought was a good idea.  Here is some of the feedback they recieved...
Top Keynote topics
SNAP Into It- 4 Things that leads people and organizations to achieve Brilliance
Did Anyone See The Bus That Hit Me?-  Understanding the skills you need today to thrive tomorrow. Knowing why successful people fail and learning how to avoid it
VIRAL Leadership- the secret to ensuring your future success as a leader- learn the secrets that are common to leaders and organizations who achieve long term success
Influencing Skills - In this presentation, we examine a basic organizing principles of the brain that impacts our ability to influence for mutual success
Stay On Top Of The Wave Of Change- The secrets to success during times of change and ambiguity
Additional Audience Comments from around the world:
“You changed lives yesterday!”
"His knowledge base blew me away. "
"Best class I have ever had! Great Humor.
"You are an exceptional speaker. Very entertaining and engaging."
“You are an unbelievable human being. All the way home, it was your impact that was reflected in our … conversations.